s journey into cuckoldry

He tricks his wife into a second 'cuckold' seduction. This story follows on from Journey into Cuckoldry. You will enjoy it much .. Thursday 1pm – lunch – S.
This story begins the morning after the events told in ' Journey into Cuckoldry - Twice Shy' and will mean a lot more if you have read that story first. This chapter is.
It was another bright Sunday morning, two days after Alice and I had seen Carmen and Steve going into the cinema with their new potential. s journey into cuckoldry I noticed Alice taking just a little longer getting ready, and when we left the house her skirt was perhaps just a little shorter than she would usually wear for the shops, her top just a little tighter, her heels just a little higher? Steve ordered champagne and Alice made a pretence at refusing it before accepting several glasses. I knew deep s journey into cuckoldry that there was nothing I could do other than sit and watch. Steve had simply pressed his fingertips more firmly against her partly-covered mound as if testing her remaining resistance before grasping the sides of her body-hugging dress. As I stood against the wall watching, I saw him tear open a small square packet, extract the contents and roll the small flexible item over the length of his erect penis. I was in Cuckold Heaven! Steve's eyes were fixed on the bed where my wife lay, eyes closed, s journey into cuckoldry, exhausted next to her young lover.