s Magnus Bane s After Party

What happens when Magnus Bane decides to host a crazy after party with some extremely unusual guests? Read and find out! Contains.
Magnus Bane: Glitter, Parties, Fashion, Knowledge, Drinks, Travel, Magic, (a cat be happy that Jace is naming his kid after the family he feels most a part of.
Well, let me just clarify that he got on the taxi and went with Alec and Will to get Magnus out of jail, although I'm sure Clary would have preferred. Shadowhunters

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Shadowhunters TV , malec - Fandom. Surely they would want revenge... In this truck, anyway. He was anything but an angel, though. What if Clary didn't bump into Jace at the club? As the boys set out to find the Leaders, the police sirens began to sound closer and closer. And so began the long clean-up hour as Katniss looked around embarrassed along with Nora and Jessamine. He was already in a foul mood, and he had already decided that when he came back to his house, he would kick everyone out and end the party for good. And you want to know why I haven't called you? Could finding the Magister free Will from his secrets and give Tessa the answers about who she is and what she was born to do? Everyone instantly quieted, and after a few moments, they heard thumping and moaning sounds coming from the hallway. But Alec had a perfect plan to fix it definetely.

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They just can't handle my drinks, he thought cheerfully. But now that he's of age, now that Clary has been thrown into his world, his life begins changing so quickly that he can't seem to make sense of it anymore. What if Simon was sighted? Magnus has a plan that might stop him from doing so. I have killed more people than I can count. s Magnus Bane s After Party