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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Shelia E. Lipsey is a nationally acclaimed, multi-award My Sister, My Momma, My Wife is Lipsey s ninth novel.
noun. the husband of your husband' s sister, or of your wife ' s sister noun. someone's stepmother is their father' s new wife in a second or later marriage.
Is my wife's brother's wife my sister -in-law? A: Yes, the definition of sister-in-law does include the wife of a spouse's brother. A sister-in-law could also be the wife. s my wife and my sister
My Wife, My Sister. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. If one's brother-in-law divorces his wife, that woman can be referred to as an ex-sister-in-law. How does one write a "Welcome to the family" speech? He should have trusted that God would save him and his wife and all his belongings for God surely has the power to help and to save. This theory does not explain the wife-sister motif. In the other two scenes God reveals the deception.

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Learn more about Genealogy. Questions that need answers. Except in unusual cases, one's sister-in-law is not a blood relative. What one calls his brother-in-law's sister d.... Note: The opinions expressed here are the personal views of the author.