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Disclaimer - I do not own the Percy Jackson Franchise! #don't sue me. Percy. I think I may have walked in at the wrong time. Trust me to come.
Are you looking for the dirtiest truth or dare ever? Then read this! You'll find yourself so horny just reading it! Note: Beckendorf and Silena are.
" Percy, get your sleeping bag already! Come on, I'm tired of waiting, we gotta go to Bunker 9 for Truth or dare!" I yelled from the door of the. The camera had printed two copies of the photo. And he really shouldn't be thinking that… "No, you look gorgeous. She nodded and came up to me. Sadly, the weren't kissing anymore, so we couldn't really bug them about anything. Over there," She pointed to a side room. I own nothing except for the plot of the story. Books Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

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He knew he had just thrown it on the floor right after capture the flag. It also doesn't really cover my arms. Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Leo Valdez, Nico Di Angelo, Rachel Dare Travis and Conner Stoll and Piper McLean are the main people in the story, but a bunch of people from camp will show up! Thalia has no oath! YOU'RE the only one who gets godly powers from your DADDY! I stared across the room. s Percy Jackson Truth or Dare