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Bachelor party to remember. "I don't wanna! Le'go of me!" Connor slurred as he gripped onto the doorframe of the strip club like it was the.
Livening up the commute. Abby's teeth grated as the constant drumming of Connors fingers along the steering wheel practically echoed.
2421 - 2440 of 3369 Works in One Shot Collection A collection of oneshots about each Pokemon from that Pokemon's One shots in the Primeval world. themes can't remember them all lol · Implied Sexual Content · Aged-Up Character (s).

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Just as the security was about to open fire the sound of shattering glass filled the air followed by an unholy shriek, the Devil quickly raised its head to find out what the noise was when it was hit hard in the side by a huge grey blur knocking it clean off balance "Whisper! A good old college welcome. Connor couldn't help smiling like an idiot as Abby quickly worked his pants open pulling out his hardening cock, it had always been a wet dream of his to get a blowjob from Lara Croft so having Abby do so whilst dressed as the Tomb Raider was practically a dream come true "I'll take that as a yes then" Abby breathed before slowly running her tongue along her boyfriend's cock loving how his breath hitched when her tongue circled his cock head. Livening up the commute. Later that night right on schedule Becker and Matt turned up at Abby and Connors flat with beer, for the entertainment they decided just to stick an old football game that was on the telly and try their best to explain the rules of off side to Connor. Connor licked his dry lips as the redhead turned to pull the blonde into a heated kiss, his jeans were becoming uncomfortably tight but he didn't want to risk doing anything himself in case it went against what Abby had hired the women for, as much as he was enjoying it though he just couldn't get it out of his head that he knew the women from somewhere, pushing those thoughts to the back of his mind once again Connor laid back against the head for resisting the urge to touch himself as the women tongue wrestled. Shaking his head has he righted himself Whisper was gone in a flash hitting the beast again as it staggered back onto its feet causing it to stumble again, his claws raked at the beasts face only just scraping its thick almost armour like skin. The Wolf of Wall Street A collection of mature s Primeval oneshot collection for Primeval, M rated for a reason, read at your own risk. From rookie to soldier through hard work, you eventually went on your very first mission. Lester massaged the ridge of his nose as the clubs bouncers barely hid their mirth at the sight, why he had agreed to come along on Connors stag night he would never know, it was something about him needing a break from work and since he and his wife had had a recent row he wasn't ready to head home just yet, the strip clubs bouncers hid their mirth in the most indiscrete way possible literally shaking in barely suppressed laughter. Your review has been posted. I never got your name" Connor questioned as Abby turned back around and started to wash his front causing his heart rate to skyrocket "Oh yeah, I kinda got a little carried away earlier didn't I? s Primeval oneshot collection

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After disposing of the cans Connor staggered towards the bedroom crashing onto the bed not caring about the unlocked door, their flat was in a good neighbourhood and ever since his time in the Cretaceous he had become an extremely light sleeper whenever Abby wasn't next to him, turning out the light Connor let his eyes slowly shut falling into the thin line between sleep and consciousness. Nodding Connor couldn't help but grin lustfully as Abby rolled Nicole onto her front, the redhead barely putting up any resistance other than a low moan as Abby moved her into position spreading her legs and giving her fat ass a hard spank making her gasp "don't hold back Con, with an arse that big she'll be able to take it". Quick author's note, first I would like to thank the user Candace for her patience in me posting this and secondly that this isn't the original oneshot I wrote over two years ago as I lost that one to a computer virus, this is a complete rewrite and I tried my best to keep it to the original as much as I can "This is a joke right? As Abby intended Connor barely lasted over a couple of minutes, his cock erupting inside of her making Abby cried out at the feeling of his hot thick load whilst Connor slumped back in his seat, normally she would have been riding harder to coax another load out of him but her intended work had been done and the cars in front of theirs began to move, this time Connor willingly moving into the passenger's seat immediately zonking out as Abby quickly put the car into drive having no time to put her pants back on as the traffic started to move again. Get here ASAP' it read making Abby groan, throwing it aside as she got up "Yeah at the worst bloody timing" Abby grumbled as she pulled a pair of Connors boxer shorts on "I had the whole day planned out for you, a nice meal, your favourite film, several blowjobs" she grinned as Connors breath hitched at the last plan "I was supposed to be your gift today, for you to use me in any way you wanted but a fucking anomaly had to show up and ruin everything" "Well let's hope we deal with it quickly then" Connor said getting dressed as fast as possible, Abby followed suit and swiftly exited the flat with him, Whisper raised his head to the sound of the door slamming before settling back to sleep, Sid and Nancy nestled in his spindly arms Connor drove as fast as possible to the Anomaly site which was twenty miles away, Abby sat next to him looking quite annoyed "y'alright?