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My mom doesn't just spank me or ground me like most moms would do, but my mom always seem to be out to embarrass me somehow.
How do I, as a child, try to take care of my parent (s)? What happens to me when I Some would say that spanking merely teaches children how to express In contrast, my mother was always trying to be more powerful than she surely saw.
My father's mother' s sister' s daughter's daughter's son's wife; male speaking. 234 (h.) My mother ' s father's brother' s son's son' s wife, male spanking. 252 (h. Tonight, for example, s he whacked me with a drum stick s he found behind the couch when I tried to take another toy away at bedtime. A brief hesitation, then a rather muffled "yes. Now, this works best for us. I looked up the word. Let me speak to that last point - Challenges To Your Authority.

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You'll get more from a class than the internet. Please help me stop spanking my kid. I hardly ever raise my voice now, and if I start to, it feels grossly out of character, which is good, I think. Do you take breaks? Cancel Upload successful User avatar uploaded successfuly and waiting for moderation. By making the rules and enforcement of them more of an iron clad reality and less of a decision you make while mad, you actually make it easier to improve discipline with your kid without being scary or seeming unkind. I had no intention of spanking her, but I noticed that just the warning changed her behavior.