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Star Wars - The Force awakens! The force shall rise from the pits of the dark side! Have a good one! Royalty Free Music by.
Turd's Review of Star Whores: The Farce Awakens – How JJ Abrams conned What JJ Abrams has essentially done with The Force Awakens is retcon .. It's just a stormtrooper spray-painted with chrome, [email protected]@' s sake!.
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Or "Game Of Thrones" and "The Walking Dead" either. He has Finn wake up alone after being shot down on Jakku, Poe mysteriously nowhere to be seen. Once created you have to feed that beast. Bush era Battlestar Gallactica. This guy is running around the desert, sweating like a stuck pig, drinking greedily out of the water troughs of beasts like an alcoholic at last call. The trouble is, nowhere in the movie is a casual viewer afforded this context and, thusly, the First Order actually appears larger and more powerful than its predecessor. Sign in to report inappropriate content. Sorry, didn't catch the name. Never has it been more evident than it is here. Charles Crossley Jr wrote: TrekkiELO wrote: freddypup wrote: Charles Crossley Jr wrote: freddypup wrote: Finally got to see The Force Awakens last night. I was an English major. With a budget twenty times its number and all the resources of ILM at his disposable, a hack can only approximate to much lesser effect. I read only the first three, and each one of them had at least one if not multiple death orgies, s Star Whores Force Awakens. Ren is more like one of those insufferable hipsters with wealthy parents, who, by virtue of being coddled all their lives, never fully grow up.