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NATURE, the gentlest mother,. Impatient of no child,. The feeblest or the waywardest,—. Her admonition mild. In forest and the hill, 5. By traveller is heard.
Aaron Copland an American composer, captured the sound of America's pioneer spirit, and its.
The poems explained here include "Nature, the Gentlest Mother ", "The Sun Just Touched the Morning" and "Pigmy Seraphs Gone Astray".
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This provides another mood towards the reader. I held a Jewel in my fingers. If I should die. After losing love, Emily became a recluse. Text by Emily Dickinson. She wants this mother, which is the main subject of the poem, to have a boundless realm of sufficient qualities for her children. The forest and hill only mean the parts of the world that humans have access to, but have not used. I bring an unaccustomed wine. This page is accessible to. The content is peaceful as is the rhyme scheme. It is illegal to copy and distribute our copyright-protected material.