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The Harem War For those who waited for my Harry/Harem fic. . chapter there will be a note of the current Harem(s) so you can keep track.
AU post OoTP. Poor Harry. Sirius left him far more than a house and some money. Dumbledore is the Dark Lord? And what is he supposed to.
Based on themes and characters introduced in The Harem War by Radaslab. The Duke of Charenwell, HarryPotter is overworked. Between his. Harlem Spartans (Blanco, Zico, Bis, TG Millian, MizorMac) - Call Me A Spartan s The Harem War

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Her Veela attributes would make this complicated, because she would be possessive of him. Of the fact that I am probably going to be raped today…" "Harry Potter won't…" "He won't be brutal," Daphne agreed. They might now look back on the Department of Mysteries as a high point in their war. The ring had been charmed that night to appear on his hand the moment he became emancipated and that meant Gran was dead. I would not be a bit surprised if Astoria asked the night after her last exam. I bonded with them on Friday and Daphne was the first of these ladies to become my wife in all but law, followed immediately by her sister and then the others. Bra size - D cup.