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Which means in time she will think you are boring. And while there is not a three doggystyles and you're out rule, you're digging yourself a hole.
Need for sexual variety is an integral part of male sexuality. with their marriage partners—he refuses to socialize and doesn't like long or “relationships” talks.
Low desire is the top sexual problem in marriages. Fantasy can be another important source of stimulation and variety for a sex life that has become routine.

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But as other have written already, when there is NO variety at all or when there is, it's very reluctantly, it is no good as well. I think most of us wonder about things, but are certainly afraid to ask. Maybe we would all enjoy sex more, and maybe even have more of it, if we stuck to a narrow menu, with something extra thrown in only very rarely. The implication is that a married couple who are okay with sleeping around are somehow exhibiting more adult behavior than a couple who demonstrate fidelity. One woman in my survey had exactly this issue. I am wondering if you are open to guest blogging on my site. One of the most fundamental challenges. God designed us women with the clitorisa little knobby bit of flesh that has absolutely no purpose except for making sex feel great. They have become experts in living sexual variety in marriage together. It reminds me of the scene from EyesWideShut where the Tom Cruise character is listening to the Nicole Kidman character describe an intense desire for another man that she had during their marriage. In fact, the idea that the body was bad and the spirit was good actually came from a cult, not from Christianity. sexual variety in marriage
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