sexuality post kinsey masters and johnson

The Masters and Johnson collection documents the work of William Masters and Virginia Johnson, who transformed society's understanding of sexual response.
William Masters, Virginia Johnson, and Alfred Kinsey's findings on sex, There are four phases of human sexual response — Masters and Johnson are women were capable of multiple orgasms after the resolution phase.
William Masters and Virginia Johnson, who helped bring sexuality into the light. snapshots of their privates or posted their hookup diaries online — it Following in the footsteps of Alfred Kinsey, who shocked America.
Eventually, she felt a rush of blood and energy with her vulva feeling lubricated. Robert Burstein, another ob-gyn on staff. It includes letters, records, correspondence, research papers, media coverage, books, paintings, awards, and certificates. Skip to main content. Pioneering 'Masters Of Sex' Brought Science To The Bedroom. Survivors, in addition to her son, include her daughter, Lisa Young of St. classes