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Nevertheless, not every person understands the genuine meaning this book has, because the dominating majority associates it only with sex positions and no more. Is it true, that the only thing mentioned in the Kama Sutra and may be useful for a couple is just a number of sex.
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These special rates will make you want to experience a cable car ride once more! It does matter little to almost everyone that the original treatise introduces a lot more than it may seem to present at the back of its title. If you want to receive more than just a set of sex positions, I advise you to have a look at the original translation of this book. The man sits on the bed as she faces him, straddling his hips while bending her knees and lies back. A woman who loves control will love this position, as she can move up and down or in a circular motion. The decoration of this place is something to be seen... English Republic of Ireland. Ep 12: The Best Places To Photograph Singapore / P.T.W. BTS sg photos what is kamasutra