share your hud configurations table position numbers.

That allowed usto hit the tables within a matter of seconds. Jivaro is slightly different than your average HUD displaying software. plus the number of hands you played against certain players. The Strip provides you with your overall stats, your recent hand history, and the ability to share it with just one.
To customize your HUD go to Hud from the main menu and make your This window has a tremendous number of options, so let's review including including color ranges, text, alignment, and position (for Each statistic box shown on the HUD is called an On Table HUD Group, you can configure these.
The huge number of configuration options can seem confusing and a bit overwhelming at If you are using it will record all hands you and your opponents play at your tables. there are also options to position yourself on a certain seat, differing site configurations, options . share it using the 'Like' button – thanks!. Now you can start editing your HUD. The options available under General Settings are applied to all HUD Profiles. There is just enough space if I put the box under everyone's name, except for the player in the seats at the top of the screen where I put it off to the side. HUD Config, Wont let me use new config. Range for Turn CBet and Fold Share your hud configurations table position numbers. Turn CBet for Tornaments. A few seconds after the completion of the hand the stat windows should overlay the poker client window. Allow Table Selection Tool to Appear When Necessary will cause the table selection Hud overlay to appear when there are multiple table windows of the same type and PokerTracker cannot automatically determine which table is associated with which hand history.