show open gif animations.

However, Windows Photo Viewer will only show static GIF images. If you are attempting to view an animated GIF file, then you may be better.
Animated GIF Open With Safari. When it launches, your web browser should show you the animated GIF image in action, rather than a.
This Video Will Show You How To Open Animated Gif Images Using Windows Media Player In Windows 7. How to show an animated GIF on Powerpoint show open gif animations.
Animated GIF files commonly range from two to five megabytes in size. Now the preview opens "Windows Photo Viewer". I get that as well along with a half dozen others but when I click "Preview" show open gif animations. opens in "Windows Photo Viewer". To do this, simply select your GIF by clicking on it: Once the file is selected, just press and hold the space bar on your keyboard : You will see the GIF pop up in the peek and pop viewer and the image will animate. Not only will it animate the.