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Lionel's ex - wife, Margaret, asks him out for a drink, and he asks Jean to go with him. When Margaret arrives she isn't at all like Jean anticipated.
Lionel, played by Palmer, is an ex-army officer and coffee planter who returns to England are now committed to releasing the remaining series of As Time Goes By after Universal appear to have lost the Lionel's Ex - Wife.
Adding extra sparkle to the show are Lionel's father and stepmother Rocky and . Gilligan Cut: The dialogue version happens when Lionel's ex - wife visits.

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Flack quits first, having received an invitation to help a relative. Lionel trys to convince Jean that a dog has been following him. Episodes I've seen - As Time Goes By. Jean and Lionel spend a weekend in the country at Rocky's house. He is scathingly sarcastic. The Vampire Diaries: Forever Yours.
Stephen plans a surprise anniversary party for Penny but, mixes up the dates. At the photo shoot, Lionel is dressed as a white hunter holding a rifle with a young woman at his side. Initially she does not as she is expecting an important client, but she later decides to leave Judy, who is now over Lionel, and Sandy to deal with the client and goes to give Lionel support. Lionel agrees, going to Type For You to engage one, but—as all the staff are currently assigned—he has to go to Sally's branch. The miniseries based on Lionel's book is finally aired on U. As Time Goes By Season 8 E06 Going Online shows as time goes by lionels ex wife