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Department of Finance 311 · Search all websites Click here to submit Cooperative and Condominium Tax Benefit Renewal and Changes online.
To continue getting the DRIE benefit, the tenant must file a renewal application which will be mailed to Refunds to Landlords /Owners for Excess DRIE Credits Missing: star.

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If you have received a letter from the Department of Finance, it is time to renew your benefit. The Department of Finance administers a number of benefits for property owners in the form of exemptions and abatements. Senior Citizen Homeowners' Exemption SCHE Renewal To renew, please complete the pre-populated application mailed to you and send it with the required documents to the address below. If you did not have Basic STAR exemption on the property for this time period, you are not eligible to apply for the STAR Exemption with the Department of Finance. If you did not receive a renewal application or just need another one, click here.

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If the Owners' Income Is Between. If you qualify for both, we will only grant SCHE. New Shareholders or Unit Owners In Developments That Have the Abatement If you are a co-op shareholder or condo unit owner, please tell your managing agent or board if your unit is your primary residence so that you can receive the abatement. New applicants who qualify will receive a STAR credit in the form of a check, instead of receiving a property tax exemption. Please register with New York State at: City of New York. The amount of the abatement is based on the average assessed value of the residential units in the development. Application To Remove Previously Granted Exemption s This application can only be used to report a change in a current exemption status, including: The property is no longer used as your primary residence, you have a change in income or there is a change in your Veterans disability percentage. Are spouses of deceased veterans eligible for veterans benefits? Exceptions are made in cases where the property is owned by husband and wife, or by siblings, site finance benefits landlords You're a power user moving through this website with super-human speed. Ted 2