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In P.A. Shackel, P.R. Mullins and M.S. Warner (eds) Annapolis Pasts: Historical Archaeology in Palus, M.M. On file, Archaeology in Annapolis Laboratory, College Park. See also: / anth /arch/PacaGarden/ index.
Dr. Paul Shackel joined the Department of Anthropology in 1996 after working Shackel is interested in what nationally significant sites mean to the American  Missing: files.
Matthew Palus. Lecturer & Adjunct Assistant Professor. Biography. Areas of Interest: Historical archaeology, public utilities and infrastructure, modernization,   Missing: files ‎ shackel.

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Archaeology, Heritage and Civic Engagement: Working Toward the Public Good. An Archaeology of American Labor and Working Class Life. Left Coast Press, Walnut Creek, CA. CV: Shackel CV web Personal Website: Center for Heritage Resource Studies. Encyclopedia of Global Archaeology: Historical Archaeology, vol. He is also a Fellow of St Cross College, Oxford and a Research Fellow at the Department of Archaeology, Boston University. Harpers Ferry National Historical Park.

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This research focuses on issues related to labor, class, and historic and contemporary immigration and is sponsored by the University of Maryland. His extensive work at Harpers Ferry delves into issues of class and labor and has resulted in several books and articles. AltaMira Press , Lanham, Maryland. University of Florida Press, Gainesville, FL. Shackel and Barbara J. The University of Tennessee Press , Knoxville, TN. Edited Claire Smith, pp. sites files Shackel Palus. Percheron Press, Clinton Corners, New York. Industry, Entrepreneurship, and Patronage: Lewis Wernwag and the Development of Virginius Island. In Earth Patterns: Essays in Landscape Archaeology, edited by William Kelso, and Rachel Most, pp. In Annapolis Pasts: Contributions From Archaeology in Annapolis, edited by Paul A. You're using an out-of-date version of Internet Explorer. Plenum Publishing Corp, New York, NY. Encyclopedia of Global Archaeology: World Heritage, vol.