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We also thank the many LGBTQ survivors of human trafficking whose stories sites / default / files /microsites/gender-sexuality/ files /.
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Experiences of LGBTQ Youth, YMSM, and YWSW Engaged in Survival Sex. Meredith Permission is granted for reproduction of this file, with attribution to Youths' Engagement in the Commercial Sex Trade for Survival. 5 . staff and clients at social service organizations and other locations that are intended to be safe. □. sites default files LGBTQ Sex Trafficking.

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Many companies may be unwittingly enabling human trafficking and related forms of exploitation. Once trafficked, these children face beatings, mutilations, brandings, rapes, and a host of other crimes that no child should ever live through. Minors are targeted more frequently because they are easy to manipulate and unable to protect themselves. I am fortunate enough to have a family that loves and accepts me unconditionally. Examples of documented migration cases include Caribbean and Latin American LGBTs ending up in Western Europe, African victims being found in Europe particularly Scotland , and African LGBT victims of Arab Gulf—based trafficking rings who end up as sex slaves for the wealthy in United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. By Lonnie James Bean, Intern, Administration for Children and Families.. Trafficking of Children in the United States: Documentary Film