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In addition, using the biometric data to link persons between the pre-and post intervention RDS samples, we will conduct exploratory within-individual comparisons of the primary outcome and secondary outcomes. Journal List BMC Health Serv Res v. They will be assessed by both objective laboratory data and self-reported data from behavioral and medical surveys. In the subset of HIV-infected MSM and PWID, ICCs will increase access to care, use of ART and will decrease community viral load. Prior to and during the implementation of the trial, quarterly community meetings have been held to keep the community and relevant stakeholders informed on the conduct of the study.
Our trial was powered to be able to detect differences in the primary outcome, but we also calculated power for secondary outcomes. With IRB approval, informed consent was obtained verbally, as this study was considered minimal risk. The NCBI web site requires JavaScript to function. Discussion For an AIDS-free generation to be realized, prevention, care and treatment services need to reach all populations at risk for HIV infection. The emerging HIV epidemic among men who have sex with men in Tamil Nadu, India: geographic diffusion and bisexual concurrency.