All fighters on the UFC's active roster have been invited to a meet-and- greet with the promotion's new owners from WME -IMG, who have MMA Biz: UFC's Big Meetup, Nate Diaz's Nixed Deal, Dana White's Rousey Revelation And More. share. Share; Tweet; Share; Share on g+. Matt Connolly.
UFC president Dana White made out like a fat rat following the sale of the promotion, as he stands to rake in a hefty sum on top of getting a. sites / mattconnolly mma - biz - wme - imgs - big - meetup - nate - diazs - nixed - ufc - deal - dana - whites - rousey - revelation -and-more/.

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Latest From MMA Warehouse. My knockout loss to Carlos Condit, it doesn't bother me anymore because I can see the reasons why it happened. She possibly needs to find a better striking coach, Edmund has had a lot of criticism in the way he dealt with Ronda over the last two fights and I think that is fair. To make matters worse, the other fighters the company might rely on to carry the promotional load won't be present at least for the beginning of the year. We also witnessed the solidification of Conor McGregor as the UFC's biggest star, the fall of Ronda Rousey and a significant year for the company on pay-per-view. Amanda Nunes Lioness T-Shirt. Fighter Gets Knocked Out Twice in Same Fight. It's doubtful the promotion has lost its appetite for that bout. All analysis of those numbers can be found here. If the old sports cliche dictates that teams often take on the personalities of their coaches, the UFC seems to be a reflection of White's brash, often profanity-laced encounters with the press. It's impossible to say for sure, but here a number of Bleacher Report's MMA writers join me to try to look into the future and forecast what the year will bring for some of the UFC's biggest stars… It was no accident when, early during the Shopping casual encounter craigslist rise, Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta opted to make Dana White the public face of their rags-to-riches MMA company. The sidebar size is medium.