sites student view glossary.

Code view, The Document window displays the HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other Dreamweaver site definition, A set of defining characteristics for a local site.
4 Glossary permissions; 5 Site administration settings number of words and definitions that students will see when they view the glossary list.
Both of these are available at the Springboard Self-Help Guides website, under Instructor . How do I view every discussion from a single student for the entire.
sites student view glossary. When a student clicks on the link, they will be taken to the Browse by category page of the glossary. If set to "yes" then new entries appear automatically. They can be automatically made available to everyone, otherwise the teacher will have to approve each one. Administrators can make a global glossary, with entries linking throughout the whole Moodle site. Add a Category to Glossary. Grade to pass : Type the minimum number of points a student needs to pass.