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Links between personality and sleep position have been mentioned for decades. The most common sleep positions include fetal, stomach, log.
The most uncomfortable and least common position, 17 percent of respondents sleep flat on their tummies with their arms stretched north toward their heads.
Your sleeping habits and positions can say a lot about your personality. Nearly all people have experienced an awful night's sleep that has.

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Just The Way You Are. The free faller You pass out in a carefree manner, lying on your front with your arms wrapped around your pillow, neck tilted to one side. The sleeper may wake up with numbness in the arms in the middle of the night or even soreness in the morning. Favorite Tweets by vvanedwards. Like us on facebook. You may be shocked to learn it may reveal quite a lot about you according to some studies. sleep positions and personality Not only are you curling your spine hello early back pain but you are restricting the air flow into your lungs by curling your diaphragm. Though the position looks stiff, a person who sleeps like this is anything but rigid. More Stories from LittleThings. That being said, if you have snoring problems this position may help to reduce your snores, sleep positions and personality. Pilots Have Banded Together to Rescue Animals from Crisis. Send This Article To Your Friends. An advantage to sleeping on your stomach is that it also helps to maintain an open airway, preventing snoring. What Your Sleeping Position Says About You