so close spit or swallow.

"You can't really make out or kiss after you swallow, so I usually avoid having it go anywhere near my mouth. If they want to ejaculate on my.
If you saw this sign in the street you'd probably do a double take - even more so if it was outside a CHURCH. The board in front of Ebenezer.
So if you feel even slightly awkward about talking about sex, this isn't do you a) spit it the hell out or b) close your eyes and swallow it down. so close spit or swallow.
I don't particuarly enjoy giving a BJ, but I do now and then out of a sense of obligation, and I do enjoy being on the receiving end, so close spit or swallow.. And I don't mind swallowing. He's getting off anyway which many women can't say they do on a regular basis, from what I hear amongst my friendsso can't see why he'd complain! Other - what else would you do? Like, everything was going great and now you're about to die because something in your mouth tastes weird? You don't have to lift a neuron, he gets to. Used to want sex, now couldn't care less? Soilwork-Mercury Shadow(lyrics)