soap notes massage therapy

The purpose of the SOAP Note is to document the client's condition and record their progress after each massage session. SOAP Notes can help the therapist.
SOAP Vault with Mary Ellen - Interview at Canadian Massage Conference 2011 . the massage and techniques you did (sports massage, trigger point therapy.
A Massage Therapist's duty is to assess and treat physical dysfunction and pain of the soft tissue and joints of the body – and SOAP notes help. soap notes massage therapy How long have you had the pain? Trunk and Abdomen Orthopedic Tests. We keep seeing different versions of this question posted regularly in various forums over the web. Create my free account. Range of Motion — see ROM Testing. SOAP Note — O is for OBJECTIVE.
How to Fill Out Client Intake Forms, AKA ( S.O.A.P. Notes ) for Massage Therapist & Estheticians