social network addiction a scientific no mans land

Key words: Social networks, study achievement, internet addiction, self- management, Oman addiction-a-scientific - no - mans - land. Rosen, L.D., A.F. Lim, L.M.
Keywords: online game addiction, government regulation, addiction .com/ social - network - addiction-a-scientific - no-mans-land /.
Social network addiction is a real addiction that is on the rise. "While such Social network addiction – a scientific no man's land?. Retrieved.
social network addiction a scientific no mans land If Thomas Edison focused on short bursts of energy, I doubt he would have worked toward the creation of the light bulb. The incredibly important research stream that we have not seen yet would look at the relationship between gaming and actual political activity in the meat-flesh world. The connection that I have with this topic is because a relative was being affected by this addiction and since then I got really interested in how social network addiction is the as serious has alcohol or drugs addiction. No matter how, somewhere the unbalance is created and the abusement is a way to have self-medication. On the other hand, presentation and on-screen personality may trump expertise as people come to rely on people who merely present information in an entertaining and digestible fashion causing the least amount of cognitive dissonance.