social networks for students

Many teachers find social networking a great way to expand their PLNs and to discover resources. Just about all students rely on social media of some kind as a.
Today's college students are no strangers to social media and all that it can do for our social interactions. 85% of students at universities.
Not all social media sites are equal — and not everyone is comfortable turning their students lose on Facebook or Twitter. Here are 10 Top sites. Social networking sites have educational benefits Related Items learning social network tutoring. It offers an interactive way of studying where students get to create and animate flashcards. Blackboard is an incredibly powerful, safe and comprehensive platform. Pingback: Student Voice Pearltrees. Docsity is a free social learning network for university and high-school students. Save, curate, and share resources using collection-building tools such as Pinterest or Tumblr. I would like to add one more here social networks for students