some basic propositions about sex gender and patriarchy

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“ Some basic propositions about sex, gender, and patriarchy,” Dissident Voice, “ Rape, rape culture, and the problem of patriarchy,” Waging Nonviolence, April.
This piece by Bob Jensen is one of the first that had me thinking critically about who constitutes as women and why. I've posted about Jensen.
That there is a non-material soul that can be of one sex but in the body of the other sex? Public funding for sex-reassignment surgery such as through Medicare raises serious public health questions that cannot be resolved by simplistic freedom-to-choose arguments. As an observer of how the transgender movement relates to the larger question of challenging patriarchy, in in the essay below, Jensen raises important questions, spotlights challenges and expresses concerns about the ideology of the trans movement. A critique of an idea is not a personal attack on any individual who holds the idea. Name the Problem: Male Violence. I just happened to come across this article again today.