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episode of the fourteenth season of animated television series South Park, DP's second drilling in an attempt to stem the oil spill accidentally opens up a.
In July it was announced that South Park would continue through season 23 in Parker and Stone have expressed.
Stan just got served, and now it's up to him to put together a team of South Park's best dancers to compete against a troupe from.

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After attending their first WWE match, all the boys want to be professional wrestlers. When Pip is offered the opportunity to become a gentleman he goes to London only to discover that Miss Havisham plans to break his heart. Scott Tenorman Must Die After the other boys explain to Cartman that pubes don't count unless you grow your own, Cartman realizes he's been tricked by the school bully, Scott Tenorman. Enhance your IMDb Page. Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society Bebe is the first girl in the fourth grade to "develop".

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Chinpokomon The boys and their classmates are caught up in the latest fad from Japan called Chinpokomon that contains subliminal propaganda to bring down the American government. Super Fun Time While the kids are on an educational field trip to a living museum, Cartman makes Butters sneak away from the class to go to the amusement center located next door. ManBearPig When Cartman's mom realizes she can't control her son anymore, she gets help from an expert. Red Hot Catholic Love A sexual abuse scandal involving priests hits South Park and is taken all the way to the Vatican. Please also note that you are accessing a site which is designed for and targeted to U. First, Eric Cartman introduces the starting lineup for the University of Colorado football team on national television. New York: Comedy Central. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Hooked on Monkey Fonics To help Cartman win the school spelling bee, Cartman's Mom gives him the Hooked on Monkey Fonics spelling system. Cripple Fight Big Gay Al returns to South Park as the new scout leader. HappyHolograms Cartmaan Bra is trending as the country prepares to watch the biggest Holiday Spectacular ever. Merry Christmas Charlie Manson!