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The Spanish language employs a wide range of swear words that vary between Spanish connotations depending on the place or situation, but is commonly accepted as the Spanish equivalent for the English profanity: motherfucker. As an.
Swear Spanish, my top 10 list of favorite swear words in Spanish that I learned The “fuck you” of the English can never compare with the me cago en tu puta.
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But good post man! Getting Lost in Translation? I realize it's politically incorrect to use these words, but if it really bothers you, seriously, stop being a nianio. I'm particularly fond of "me cago en la leche" and "me cago en el mar". Argentina actually tends to allow for alot more vulgarity without really offending. Watching Spanish movies, I kept hearing the word "mierda", but I was unable to find a translation for it, Now I know. Les falto "Puta tu Mierda" cuando te dan un golpe para llorar o "La puta que te pario" como insulto o "Puta Mare!
An adventure travel blog focusing on unusual experiences and forbidden lands. As a form of exaggeration, it is commonly used to describe how good something is. Spanish Immersion Preschool: Helping Children Achieve Spanish-language Fluency Bastard. What the fuck is that? Hahaha yudipuga this post is fun!! We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Efecto Meneame, los gilipollas acuden en masa Fucking bastards correcting the mispelling of gilipollas N times! spanish swear words english spanish.