spontaneous orgasms parkinsons drug rasagiline.

A woman with Parkinson's disease took a common drug used by people PD who experienced spontaneous orgasms when taking rasagiline ;.
The Turkish woman had been taking the drug rasagiline for 10 symptoms of Parkinson's - up to five spontaneous orgasms a day.
Parkinson's drug causes woman to have spontaneous orgasms. Scientists say the woman experienced an unusual reaction to Rasagiline. spontaneous orgasms parkinsons drug rasagiline. Paula Patton braves freezing Canadian temperatures to film scenes for her new TV show. He's a hands-on dad! As for the patient in this report, she apparently stopped taking rasagiline for her symptoms. Powered by leeditie.com VIP. The patient elected to stay on the medication, and still experiences unprompted orgasms. Sign up now About IBT Leadership Meet the team Advertise Brand Terms of service Privacy Permission Syndication Contact Editions: Australia China India Italy Japan U.