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Jasmine is a behaviour-driven development (BDD) testing framework for it(" should have a default parental rating", function() {. Here is an example of a spy testing a simple Backbone custom event binding: . You can find me on Twitter and GitHub, or pop me a message at james @leeditie.com.
As we do, we'll be writing Jasmine specs to test their behaviour. Backbone allows you to set default values for your models if they are not specified . var eventSpy = sinon. spy (); leeditie.com("error", eventSpy); .. You can find me on Twitter and GitHub, or pop me a message at james @leeditie.com.

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I would then suggest to rename the Spy to something that implicates the mocking intention a bit better Fake, Dummy. As this is quite important to our view's ability to function, we can write a spec to ensure a model is both defined using the toBeDefined matcher and then test attributes of the model to ensure defaults both exist and are the value we expect them to be. On your note about. In the last few months, leeditie.com has received a fair bit of exposure, with a number of tutorials and one or two high profile implementations. It is easy to get carried away and start testing every little thing just because you can, but you should always ensure that you focus testing on your own code, and avoid directly testing dependencies. The example below uses beforeEach to create a model instance that will be used in each spec. Already have an account?. I'll get that fixed asap. BDD is about focussing on the behaviour of software, and techniques such as shared vocabulary help with this. You may have noticed that in beforeEachwe passed our view an initial albeit SPT default Jasmine James Todo model. Before we jump into how the framework works, it's useful to understand exactly what BDD is. We could manually craft an object literal to look like a Backbone model, but that would be time consuming and tedious. In my opinion, having a spy on a method should not change the program flow by default, but just cache arguments etc.
SPT default Jasmine James

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SPT default Jasmine James This helps ensure that when creating instances without a value set for any specific attribute, a default one e. You signed out in another tab or window. When adding models to a collection, leeditie.com will automatically create model instances of the type specified by your collection. Such questions commonly include those concerning documentation and testing. Specify a relative or absolute path to your configuration file.

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In our model, we override the validate method as recommended in the Backbone docs , checking to make sure a model both has a 'done' property and is a valid boolean before allowing it to pass. This means your complex asynchronous server interaction code can be tested in a rapid unit testing environment. A Todo app may wish to validate the text input supplied in case it contains rude words. Changes include: switching over to using Underscore templating rather than handlebars, sticking to the Backbone Koans implementation of models, some trimming. Once you've defined the quality expected, your team will likely want to check on the functionality of the solution being built regularly and compare it to the results they expect. HOW NOT TO FLIRT! W/ Goubtube & Jasmine James