star citizen navigating the universe of hype

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Content with an indirect relationship to Star Citizen must be a text/self . No hype , no faith, no hope, just fun- now. Brick by brick, they lay down, towards the ultimate universe simulator. . And even in this early stage of flyin around a few beautiful locations with other players and navigating some glitches.
For the longest time, I wasn't even interested in Star Citizen – it was just too massive, too hyped; too many people were throwing their life.
Star Citizen May Expectations & Hype

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They have been purposely vague and evasive for years. I first started following Star Citizen about three years ago. Half of them are still being designed behind closed doors. The Nostromo Science Enrichment Horizon? Which is perfectly fine, it's just not what the expectation was for many people. star citizen navigating the universe of hype

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