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Jennifer Lawrence felt 'vulnerable,' got drunk for first sex scene of career with The "Hunger Games" star added that she's never felt more.
TAGS: Jennifer Lawrence. So far, the whole press tour for Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence's new feeling nauseous before doing a sex scene with him with the zinger most befitting of the segment's Playground Insults title.
Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt interview ends awkwardly after sex question Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt and more stars light up the 'Passengers' Jennifer Lawrence admits she took an Ambien before filming 'Hunger Games' scene. 'Is It Going To Be Too Sexy?!' J Law & Chris Pratt Discuss Their Movie Sex Scene

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Jennifer Lawrence is world's highest paid-actress, Forbes reports. If you think this tactic is going to make me stop posting hereā€¦. British Celebrities Fear Mass Sex-Tape Release. The splooge ones are apparently fakes. Trump Plants Clues In His Office To Let The Central Bankers Know Their Fate. The exhibitionist tendency in people is now facilitated by the Internet. You can use these HTML tags. stars jennifer lawrence tags sex tapes

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