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The Fat, The Ugly, and The Stupid (A Personal Story) She told don't listen to them and that I'm a beautiful girl and our hair will grow.
Here are the illustrated stories from kids and teens who use this site. Click on the links to I've always been a fat girl my whole entire childhood. I think I'm fat.
I have been overweight most of my life. Growing up I was very active, but as active as I was, I was never given restrictions with food or taught.

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My mother is a wonderful cook and loves to try new things so do I. When I look at pictures of me at the pool from my freshman year of high school, I am shocked. I longed to be invisible. There's just too much of you. Please, don't tell you're children that they're fat. They prefered to live a peaceful life without marriage than to keep chasing the requirements set by the prospective husbands and later husbands. I am looking for a feeder to make me fatter and fatter. Kids who liked me when we were alone never acknowledged any relationship with others present. Mind you, I wasn't a class clown, I just kept my mind on my abilities, to read, make grades, appreciate beauty, etc. And I am paranoid about gaining back, since I'm not sure how I lost in the first place. My mother is a wonderful cook and loves to try new things so do I. I hit rock bottom. It's really hard to suck it in, stories Am A Fat Girl. stories Am A Fat Girl