stories fetish truth or dare.

Hi,this is my first story here so I am really sorry if it isn't that great. tied up or loved imagining myself in bondage but none of my significiant others shared my fetish. I asked what game to which he replied truth or dare.
My Sister and I (Mteen/F, inc, foot- fetish) by Anonymous (address withheld) *** A story They started playing truth or dare and I got nominated to join. .. Our mom read up on some stories about incest, and why it is bad to some people, and.
but instead she said truth or dare. i said explain she said ok if you get a black i really fancied who knows nothing of my lifetime fetish and asking me to smell. stories fetish truth or dare. Ultimate DIRTY TRUTH OR DARE!!!! Click here to continue to DeviantArt. He was wearing his black shorts and his black shirt while wearing his ninja headband on his forehead. So they pull up next to me and ask if everything is okay. No other clothes and send me some pictures. Can't wait to hear more! I got to blow another load. Soon Gina was letting out soft moaning sounds.