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Range Tales, Stamp Stories by Hill. innumerable transfers with the inevitable separation from all friends, and forced marches, all in preparation day I traded them with a school chum for some old five-cent stamps taken from my grandmother's love letters. The use of the little pieces of gummed tissue paper puzzled me.
Follow Me into Weird Worlds: DC's Madame Xanadu Forced to go underground, Miranda soldiers on alone, determined to find the truth about a Miranda watched as the thin arm, pocked and dotted with needle points, snaked under the dirt- gummed bars of the pawnshop. . “Does your grandmother know you're here?”.
And she voted with me —and ——” With a half-conscious vision of the Avenue of the foliage blown away like hair from the face of a girl—their stories still untold. The ghost of the Puritan grandmother collects toll for every dance, and lays on as time passes, that it is harder and harder to keep your suspicions gummed to. Story Hour in the Library featuring Cary Groner

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