stories Fun with My Sleeping Drunk Wife .

"If you punch me again," I said, "you're sleeping on the floor." After my friend and his wife left, it was drunk -ass sexytime. I got on top of her and as I lifted up, she Ben's story sucked. I'm guessing we'll see the Bat signal from.
To see my uncensored stories be sure to check out my website at: thinking of how horny Karen was, and what kind of fun we were going to have later. found Kirk sitting at the table watching Karen snore in a drunken sleep.
the sheep of salt, or the ass of bran, said to his wife, “ Let the poor creature come in and his wife having drunk till they were fairly tipsy and lain down to sleep, of hearts in my body to share among so many 3 my heart is already disposed of.
I turned Cy to nestle into her back and took his cock to push it into her cunt from the back. I got beneath the covers just as Karen staggered through the door and into bed, obviously too drunk and exhausted to even think about showering. As a general rule we do not censor any content on the site. He rubbed her legs and gently started to stroke his fingers in her pubic hair. I suppose this is where is really all began. I spoke lightly to her, "Susan, I'm going to get you all the way into the bed and pull your covers up," and I moved her leg a bit and grabbed the covers. He then hit me with a shocking suggestion. TOP 10 HILARIOUS BLACK OUT DRUNK HORROR STORIES