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I could see every detail of the head of my cock and pulled on my shaft to bring it closer. The angle was not quite right to get any more in my mouth, however, so the next night I adjusted my position until I was able easily to rest my cock head against my lips. A much sexier me. I lay there in the wake of one of the strongest ejaculations in my life, amazed at my desire to suck cock and also feeling guilty and thoroughly confused. The combination of manual stimulation and sucking the head were required for ejaculation. Early this morning after a hot shower and a quick stretch I was rewarded. A gentle kiss and flick of the tongue around my cock head confirmed it all. And I start to laugh and laugh, unable to stop. For some strange reason, whenever I. I like to put baby powder on my balls and very lightly caress them as I. This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. I can see the moisture running down my legs and a pool of juice on my bed.