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Stories that have a bodily (or in some cases mental) transformation into another being as a central theme.
This archive is based upon Kristen's collection of erotic stories. Due to situations beyond her control, Kristen is not accepting new story submissions at this time. been posted to the alt. sex. stories.moderated and alt. sex. stories newsgroups.
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Summary : Lisa and Lindsay are afraid of Mr. New users may wish to view a guide to using ASSTR as well as a listing of the many available FAQs. Literotica VOD - pay per minute adult movies. The Literotica Annual April Fools Day Contest is on! Summary : My not-quite-eleven-year-old neighbor takes her comfort with me to a whole new level..

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As soon as we can determine what's happened to him, we can get him back on the job. Feedback is always appreciated. Title : Dating My Dad. It is not intended for children. The Kristen Directories have been. stories sex story archive.