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For those of you who haven't read my prior stories, I'll give you a bit of a back story. My husband Matt and I have been married for a few years.
Tags: husband, wife, birthday, pussy, bicurious, dp, lick, anal You pulled me to you, and your hands wrapped around my back and .. "Well I have another gift for you, babe," you said. "Another part of your surprise," you said. Oral was fine on anyone but actual sex was reserved for the couples only. 2.
Do you need some creative birthday gift ideas for her? do not have a clue about a birthday gift that would make her eyes sparkle, head straight for her heart.
My Slave had tied each of her legs to a bed post with some silk wraps, blind folded herself, and then handcuffed herself to one of the bars of the headboard directly above her on our king sized brass bed. He grabbed some lube from the bedside table and generously poured it over his cock and down her crack. Away - unavailable to chat. She's absolutely gorgeous and uses it to her advantage to get what she wants from guys and from girls. Besides, I was told you were being naughty today.

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This is SO hot! I crawled across the floor to him, grabbed his towel from his waist and let it fall to the floor in a pile. Select new user avatar: Upload and save. I turned back to Julian's cock. It was more than Katy could take and she came again with my head pinned underneath their bodies while I ate out Matt's ass, again coating me in her cum. stories straight sex a birthday gift from my wife pt .aspx