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This is one of those stories. Written by a jaded ex-husband, it details a glorious act of revenge taken on a lying, cheating wife upon the.
Here are some of the best cheating revenge stories from the internet. A guy knew his wife was cheating on him and as her birthday was.
My wife was cheating on me with this so called animal lover (now my ex wife After every thing they had put me through it was great to finally get some revenge. .. get the mail and tell EVERYBODY and he gets put on every freak mailing list. Patrick's Day Even Better. REVENGE LADY Media Sightings. I have a feeling this would be an awesome story. She persuaded her local butcher to supply her with a pig head, complete with eyeballs and tongue. Starting on a Tuesday on one week, the wife began complaining about the dog. I, along with others around me, were quite irritated by them. I came up with my revenge plan - I emailed her back telling her that Ian was in fact my gay flatmate, stories wife gets revenge.

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In order not for her to. Many years ago I was married to a man who was having an affair. When he sat down I reached over and picked up the phone and asked. I still have some revenge to get, but haven't gotten all the details worked out on that yet. Singapore Blog Hosting He claimed that he only quit the job that he loved in the other state and moved back here because he couldn't see his son, but I had proof otherwise with the e-mails I had printed previously hating his boss, visiting Pgh secretly, etc. Well I gave her a call let her know the scoop.

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Hetold me I was going nuts to believe he was cheating and over the months my intuition was rightly telling me he was, but he was so sneaky that I just couldn't prove it. Both the killer and the victim were American servicemen. And as soon as the phone hung up.. When we did eventually manage to communicate again via internet chat, he told me that he hadn't rung as he thought I was too clingy! The relationship was nothing. Sometimes when a tour finished in a given city and I had another one starting two or three days later in the same area, I would just stay in. You have no notifications.