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I've found few erotik massage services and started to call them until I found one who I told him that my wife needed an erotic massage. He asked my wife to.
Anniversary Massage. My wife and I are best friends. We are pretty conservative sexually but at times I like to try to push the envelope. We are in are early thirties.
The first time I saw the ad, I clicked on it to see if it would be a good gift for my wife. I found out that he specialized in a special massage of the. Stoned Storytime I lifted her dress and put the towel on her bare back. I am in decent shape, but not to the same level as her or Mark. She stroked him for a few seconds inside his boxers. My wife began to get goose bumps a few minutes later as his hand now slid down to her upper legs. In the meantime he had yanked his sweats off and had removed his t shirt. I had come upon an add offering a free massage. We have a very romantic dinner and head home.