story controversial doll lets little girls pretend to breast feed.

Controversial Doll Lets Little Girls Pretend to Breast-Feed. Users: Threads: . Loved your story about your son breastfeeding his teddy bear. My nephew used to. story I dunno still taking this one in and thinking about what I feel about it. Not sure yet. What do.
The toy has whipped up debate about the appropriateness of young children E-mail | Print | Reprints & Permissions | Subscribe to stories like this battery-powered baby that lets little girls pretend they are nursing. Berjuan Toys' Breast Milk Baby "is not the first controversial doll to hit the market. Nick here, however, said this doll would corrupt other kids as she was somehow corrupted. I have nothing against a bottle fed doll either, but come on, a breastfeeding doll is causing such a stir? World's Second Most Obscure Social Network. Yes, and I did. Beta Readers, Mentors, and Writing Buddies. Why or why not? She'd just be playing Mommy!

Story controversial doll lets little girls pretend to breast feed. - Extreme Anal

We asked what he was doing, and he turned around to reveal baby Jesus at his "breast. What's next - show little girls how to "give birth" to their "babies? It do think it is strange that the doll comes with a nursing bra thing. And this is natural people. Kids love to play roles when play doctor, mommy etc. Some of you sound like old anal retentive Barbara Waters when she had to sit next to a mother nursing her baby.

Story controversial doll lets little girls pretend to breast feed. - here

But mom-blogger Carrie Lauth doesn't see a difference between encouraging adult play with a toy stroller or toy bottle and encouraging adult play with a breast-feeding doll. Story Research: Experts and Interviewees Wanted. I may only buy this product for my daughter if I knew she would only breastfeed her doll at home. In March, when word came that it would soon be sold in the USA , he said it pushes kids to grow up too soon. I forgot my ability to breastfeed is secondary to my purpose of titillating men. Have any of you watched MTVs Teen Mom series or heard about the pack of teens who got pregnant all at the same time on purpose?