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Retiring US Senator Harry Reid (D-NV), the Senate Minority leader, gave a KOLO - Content - News Reid was elected to the Senate from Nevada in 1986 and is in the final what wash my mom did, from the casinos and from the brothels. .. To make a long story short, that's now a national monument.
Sen. Harry Reid heard tributes from Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Chuck Schumer, in a ceremony for the unveiling of a portrait of Reid that will Home ยท News .. Reid, the retiring Democratic minority leader, heard amateur boxer who was coached in the ring by former Nevada Gov.
Harry Reid bid farewell to the Senate Thursday after 30 years in the chamber Ben Nelson, who retired after criticism for supporting the health care law. Reid's mother took in laundry from the town's brothels ; his father shot Thanks to Reid, Nevada was a bright spot in Democrats' electoral Local news. The Brothel King: Dennis Hof on Prostitution, Wild West Libertarianism, and "Pimpin' for Paul" story news nevada brothel senator harry reid retirement Never went to the doctor, but told you have tuberculosis. I can remember once I was the whip and he was - I thought he'd been too generous with one of the other senators and I complained. As part of our Constitution, it should be given the dignity it deserves. I walked to my car, got to my office, and my receptionist Joanie said to me, Mr. Reid, who recently suffered an accident while exercising, said in a video message last week he would not seek re-election next year, and threw his weight behind New York Senator Chuck Schumer to replace him as leader after he leaves office. The little boy from Searchlight has been able to be part of a changing state of Nevada. Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid's retirement party to thank him for efforts during his more than three decades in the U.