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Pat McGrath is one of the industry's most influential makeup artists. She has painted almost every famous face in Hollywood and worked.
Product Review. First Impressions: Pat McGrath Skin but can be layered for a vivid glow. pat mcgrath skin fetish 003 golden swatch skin - fetish.
Pat McGrath is major. Even if you haven't heard her name, chances are you have been affected by her work in one way or another. PAT MCGRATH SKIN FETISH REVIEW + GIVEAWAY You really can't beat that. From top to bottom: Bronze Pigment with the Mehron Mixing Liquid, Bronze Cream, Bronze Pigment on own, Copper Cream, Copper Pigment center arm is reversed On the flip side, if you like going story pat mcgrath skin fetish swatches or going home, here's a look at how Pat's model army is wearing them. The black liner is just enough edge for me, while still very casual, and the golden olive liner really helps emphasize the little bit of gold in my brown eyes. One of my main motivations to start going out again is to maybe get excited about wearing makeup again, which I haven't been doing lately. It shifts from red to purple. Next I applied the LORAC Color Source Buildable Blush in Spectra on the apples of my cheeks. When men don makeup, it's a point of difference — an act of rebellion.

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For my eyes, I like to keep things simple but still at least a little interesting. The eye area is the most sensitive area on your face, and this stuff is the real deal — no irritation whatsoever. Apply highlighter, followed by balm pressed on top for runway radiance. The highlighter end of the duo stick is a light shimmery champagne nude. She will totally bring you wine and listen to you rant about your shitty ex. Scented Candles I'm a clean person, and I keep my apartment tidy, so I never worry about my home smelling bad. You get so excited when you finally get your hands on the toy, but ultimately, it's a cheap piece of plastic that ends up going to waste.