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Sex robots have gone from a sci-fi fantasy to a very real prospect thanks to breakneck technological advances in AI and engineering.
The Campaign Against Sex Robots sounds like a funny idea — but when you see the potential for human-rights violations down the road, you'll.
The term, once defined strictly as a physical robot made for sex (think Stories from the staff of — and contributors to — the award-winning Pacific If Immanuel Kant were still around, there's no doubt he would be pro -sexbot. The New New Economy. At the moment, the closest thing to a full humanoid robot is a sex doll sold by companies like the California based company Abyss Creations. But Richardson warned about such a liberal use of machines and robots interfering in people's relationships. The development of brain-enhancing circuitry may one day blur the distinction between humans and robots. It may also explain the widespread use of sexual devices, pornography and surrogates - plastic dolls. story pro sex robots
The Future of Sex: Robots and Virtual Reality