story prosthetic leg fetish

It would appear that we have a serial prosthetic limb thief on the loose! Stories of prosthetic limbs, particularly athletic legs, being stolen have.
This is called 'T's Story ', but does it really matter if my name is really T. or if I am a There were many times that I would pretend to be missing a leg when I was ' alone'. Quite by accident a few days later I found a copy of Fetish Times that had the . If my prosthesis ever needs replacing, I probably will just give up on it.
When I went to speak with her, I saw she had a prosthetic leg. Is she another one of Mrs. Brittany's girls? Maybe to satisfy some weird fetish one or more of her. Is that just a politically correct way of saying her cervix sucks? If my life were a movie, the world would've faded to black, and I would have woken up in a hospital room surrounded by my family. His motto: "Don't analyze it. Bionic fingertip allows amputee to 'feel' textures. A Will And A Way : Rosanne's Story prosthetic leg fetish. He was running behind me at the time, waiting to make sure I made it, and I actually found out later he had anticipated the disaster and started screaming at me to stop. What could possibly go wrong? story prosthetic leg fetish