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Eventually they go back to Links place and many belly rubs ensue. +. A/N: this is my first imagine story and tbh idc if its bad +. Continue Reading the Next Part.
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Discover endless #bloated stories and books on Wattpad, and find your next great read. 1.3K 16 1. rhink fat fetish / wg imagines by mostlygaywgfics ยท rhink fat. And, it doesn't have to be RP - even just a chat. As for his RA, he seemed like a decent guy. Maybe your character is torn between competing priorities ie: pressures of their career to stay slim versus the affections of their FA partner. It's probably diverting attention away from what's most important. Regardless of what you decide, some situations call for longer posts than others. This will also bear on the previous point: how it affects them. story rhink fat fetish wg imagines

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Something to keep in mind, especially if you're working with adult characters is that they are going to have other responsibilities besides feeding and taking care of the gaining partner. In general, when you're RPing, timing is important, as is finding a good point where you can end a scene. I certainly hope that I will see some improvements in the community at large. Approaching closer, a large group of people were seen gathering around the stage, and it was growing. Though I simply hate some of the more common euphemisms.
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When it comes to accents...? Now, I'm not saying that a fat character can't be physically active, but that there are some limitations that come with the territory, especially if you're expecting your character to gain more. This can be okay. Others think it crosses the line between RP and plain old cybersex. Click here to continue to DeviantArt. A character who gains in the hips will have a different physical experience than someone who gains in the torso.