story watching my wife with another man

STORY = Like many other husbands, I have fantasies about my wife having sex with another man. Would you want to watch me have sex with another man?.
Have you ever watched someone else having sex? Watching someone close to you, while having sex, is at least entertaining experience, isn't.
story of my wife's first time with another man, and it was the best night of my life. I've just always been overcome with the need to watch her with another guy. She was kissing him passionately as she matched him stroke for stroke, pushing back at him moaning louder with each thrust. Joel smiled and cheekily asked if I had enough for one day? I'm proud of my wife's small but very sexy body and they was far far away. She smiled at him and told him that he must go now. We were all set to go by now. Create your own unique profile. story watching my wife with another man

Story watching my wife with another man - teens

She gripped him tightly between her thighs, dug her nails into his arse. In time Di gets her second wind and asked us to join us on the bank. After nearly six months of counselling and talking together we discovered that wife sharing together would be a part of our lives. I didn't want to lose my wife but on one hand I wanted her to be a slut, and then on the other my loving wife. As I watched them lying there, I remembered the old saying, be careful what you wish for, you may just get it. Submit, vote and comment on stories. Online - available to chat.