story why sex is not an uber

Uber reminds its passengers: Don't have sex in the car. to remind its passengers not to commit this sensual sin while in its vehicles is, frankly.
The company's “ no - sex rule” was one of many examples of poor behavior that could cause riders to lose access to Uber. The app-based car.
Just ask an Uber driver for their worst passenger story and you'll hear tales of vomiting passengers to screaming matches to hook ups in the.

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This gives you the chance to improve over time. GQ Subscribe Now Get the Magazine Get Even More GQ This Month Let's do it You need to enter a correct e-mail address. Uber says it will release a local version for the Australian and New Zealand markets early next year. The guidelines, released last week, detail behaviors the company recommends and those it discourages. RELATED: How to find your Uber passenger rating.. So please ensure that you follow the local law. Ensuring a respectful, safe environment for all drivers and riders. Holiday travel tips to get you through this festive AF season in one piece. Even creepier are the drivers actively seeking out these encounters, which is even more disturbing considering the recent accusation of a driver molesting a drunk passenger. That he might have considered this move to be chivalrous—rather than the truth: that he presumed my blowjobs come with a delivery fee—is chilling. My laundry app lets me leave dirty clothes outside my door so I don't even have to make eye contact with the person hauling away my dirty underpants. story why sex is not an uber No More Sex in Ubers